• IT Assessments & Planning

    IT Assessments & Planning

    The Value of a Comprehensive IT Assessment

    Organizations are constantly evolving through growth, down-sizing, new initiatives, and overall technology innovations. Can your IT infrastructure maintain its stability and security through all of these changes? A technology assessment that includes a comprehensive review and analysis of both your technical resources and operational processes can provide the answers.

    You will:

    • Receive information on the design, security and performance of your IT environment.
    • Gain a thorough understanding of your technology infrastructure, and
    • Be a better judge of how to improve the value of your network and enhance your security practices.

    Such a customized analysis maximizes the productivity, communications and collaboration between your employees, as well as with vendors and partners.

    IT Planning Aligns Your Business Goals with Technology Solutions

    Incorporating your technology assessment with an IT plan can yield an environment that is stable, secure and efficient. Strategic IT planning is the process of aligning your business goals with technology. Disaster recovery planning protects your IT investment from unforeseen system failures, and provides business continuity.

    Strategic IT Planning

    Larger organizations recognize the need for strategic technology plans and publish them as formal mission/vision documents. Smaller organizations rarely think about this, know where to start, or even recognize the value of IT planning. IT planning gives you the opportunity to think ahead about your organization's future needs as related to your business goals. The process of planning will help you understand how information flows in your organization and provide a clear set of priorities to focus on.

    Disaster Recovery Planning

    Murphy's Law happens, and even though you have invested in building your current IT environment, one single issue can destroy all your good work. Planning for a bad thing is never pleasant, but pretending nothing will ever happen is worse. Having a backup solution in place is one of the fundamental components of disaster recovery planning. However, assuming that only a backup system is adequate creates vulnerabilities to your business. An effective disaster recovery plan goes beyond simple backup to consider such questions as:

    • How much time can your business survive without email or access to files?
    • What kind of redundant systems are in place or could be setup quickly?
    • Have you thought about true business continuity while the original IT infrastructure is being rebuilt?>

    The Umniah Approach

    A technology assessment or IT plan developed by Umniah is to provide a senior business manager to work with you in a consultative manner to deliver an IT solution that complements your business goals and objectives. Umniah's senior managers are certified annually and each one has over a decade of experience in assessing and planning IT environments for organizations of all sizes and complexity.
    Our experience helps you save time, eliminate frustration, and achieve your goal - on time, on budget, guaranteed.

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